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Some Projects Examples


Rwanda-N’dego Eastern Province

  • Imigongo Partners
  • Farm for export production and
  • Innovation tech.
  • Development of 160 hectares
  • Farm for fruit trees, vegetables
  • Staple food crops, all irrigated by complex solar irrigation drip & sprinklers system .

2021 –India-Greater Noida Farm in UP- Vertical Farming-Hydroponics project for exotics. D.S. Group

Colombia 2019-2020 ADR

- Proyecto De Desarrollo Rural Regional – Guajira Verde
- Development of large irrigation scheme , modern farming and rural development in La Guajira Province.

Colombia 2019-2020 Unilever Colombia

Development of Project for Processing Tomato growing, replacing imported tomato paste, and experimental Pilot Project in La Guajira Province.

2019 –Shuna Jordan-Jordan Palm

Technification of Majoul Dates plantation and phytosanitary control against Red Palm Weivel.

2020-2021 - Uganda -Nwoya

AGFAM-near Gulu
4000 acres farm feasibility, planning and consulting in construct. & Operation

Commercial Community Farming

2018-2019 - Kenya-Narok County

CCF Project
Shared farming with 200 Masai shepherd transformed to farmers.

2018-2019 - Uganda-Mayuge

CCF Project in Mayuge Village ,Jinja
Shared Farming with 150 veg. growers in Mayuge

2018-2019 - Kenya-Kitui County

Water For All Project
Design and feasibility for 6 water towers, with water harvesting and solar pumping


South Sudan
Eastern Equatoria,
Central Equatoria
Bhar El Ghazal
Upper Nile, Lakes

National Food Security and Agriculture Development Project

4 Large scale irrigated food security productive farms and training center and CCF- interaction with 3000 smallholder’s farmers.


Angola Malange, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Moxico, Uige, Nzeto, Namibe, Lubango, Luanda


Construction and operation of 6 large scale regional national multi-disciplinary irrigated demo farms for modern agriculture and rebuilding of 8 regional research station centers for Agriculture

2010-2013 - Israel intensive Cassava growing project

Kibbutz – Rosh Hanikra, north of Israel
Revolutionizing the Cassava production industry by modern Hydroponics methods
Exceptional Quality and high yields of around 100 tons per hectare. Easy harvest, saving on Men power.

Mexico 2005- 2009 , 100 has. Intensive Green-House for vegetables Controlled atmosphere 

2002-2005 Ecuador –Peninsula De Sta. Helena. Development Exotic fruit project for Export to Europe

Peru –Sullana-1997 – Proyecto Agro commercial industrial COMISA, 8000 has of sugarcane for sugar and ethanol , with under ground drip system

2001-2005 - TAMI - Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador
Provision and support to intensive green house hydroponics projects in cut flowers , vegetables and leafy greens.
High precision of water and nutrients. Artificial substrates, Modern management with climate control. High yields and quality mainly for exports.

Uraba Colombia , 1987-1992, 3000 hectares of export banana plantations under advanced Drip Irrigation System and In – Vitro Plants from Israel

2018- India North East- Dimapur Nagaland.
Farming Development project with Sanis Community

1994-Colombia Sta Martha-2000 has of advanced oil palm plantation under drip irrigation


Multiple Projects with Irrigation, Fertigation and Agronomy support in Latin America

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