Wekah Technologies Ltd.

Advanced Tailor Made Agriculture Consulting

Farm Developement

Consulting and Design services on all aspects of the development and improvement of your farm performance, sector by sector, thru the appropriate agronomy and technology methods.

Agronomy and technology up grade

Agronomy support in all aspects of the crop from seed to harvest, irrigation, nutrition, agro-tech, pest control, etc.   We can use advanced remote monitoring technologies from Israel.

Climate Resilient Agriculture

Converting rain fed agriculture to advanced irrigated and intensive. Advanced green -house and protected agriculture including indoors farming and hydroponics. Development of water harvesting and irrigation schemes. Improvement of water management and nutrition of irrigated fields by improving irrigation systems, and using water management technologies and automation. Conservation of energy and use of renewable energy for irrigation and climate control. Advanced tillage methods for better water conservation and yields.

New Agriculture Ventures integration

Vertical Farming


Operation and Crops Management

Wekah Technologies provides the option for operation and management of a venture thru it’s team of first category experts, eighter in situ, or thru it’s remote sensing technologies and capabilities. Training on the job of client’s staff.

Value chain improvement and monitoring from seeds to market

With a simple and brief process-we will study your existing Operation and Production value chain, and will suggest the appropriate improvements to Increase profitability and efficiency, and the appropriate advanced monitoring methods.

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