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What is a Solar Pumping system?

A Solar Pumping system has PV panels that convert solar energy into electricity that drives motors and pumps. Thus, water from a well, river, lake or tube well can be drawn/ circulated using solar energy.

Why Solar Pump?

With solar pumps, a farmer can cultivate 3 crops a year, which earlier was not possible because of lack of power availability or costlier operation through diesel. Solar pumps enable crop irrigation during daytime because they make food from sunlight, CO2 and water. Water given at night anyway gets wasted. Other benefits are:

  • One time investment delivers profits year after year for long life
  • Freedom from unreliable grid power or diesel/ kerosene driven pumps
  • No motor burnouts/transformer burnouts
  • Zero running cost, as sunlight is free (only protection & cleaning of solar panels required)
  • No pollution of air (carbon emission free pump), water or sound
  • Easy to operate in remote areas too

How does a Solar Pump work?

Solar pumps operate using three main components. Solar cells collect the sun’s rays and convert them into usable electricity. These cells are usually covered in silicon or another semiconductor material that produces direct-current electricity. Wiring moves the electricity from the cells to the pump, and the pump does the work of moving the water. As sun rises, intensity in sunlight slowly increases and starts driving a pump say 1-2 hours after sunrise. Current and pump flow increase from morning to noon and then decrease from noon to evening.

Help us to help you select

To select the most suitable solar pump model to fulfill your need/ application, we need from you:

  1. Total daily water requirement in liters/ day for your application.
  2. Vertical distance/ depth/ height through which water is to be raised in meters or feet.
  3. Total pipeline length (in meter or feet) from pump discharge to water delivery point and pipe diameter (mm) along with pipe material.
  4. Is water is entering any drip/ sprinkler/ filter system which needs minimum pressure to work satisfactorily, If yes, how much?

Do share the above data with us so that we select just the right pump model for you. That’ll make your investment smart and you- happy!

Typical Systems Lay-out, From water source to water tank to fields.

Direct to system, or to a Reservoir

Typical Equipment List , Solar Pumps can be DC for solar energy only or Hybrid solar-grid

Different uses for agriculture, domestic or industry. (0) energy bill, (0) carbon emissions For better economy and better Ecology.

Systems can be added a data module for remote communication and monitoring from the distance


Water flow from 0.5 to120 m3/h, and outlet pressure fromĀ  5 meters to 120 metros THD

Example: 3.7kw pump controller, 2.2kw pump, 12pcs poly 350watt solar module
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