Application of large quantities of water is not always good and can be dangerous in excess, suffocating the plants root system. A good parameter for irrigation and maintenance of optimum humidity without excess is to irrigate the pot plant until 10% of the irrigation water is drained to the bottom collector plate. Schedule next Irrigation when the collector plate has dried completely. Fertilizers application should be done by application of slow release or controlled release, all in fertilizers, or dissolving fertilizers in the water application, by measured concentration according to recommendation. Avoid large or excess application of chemicals at once.


No need for any maintenance, just cleaning the dust from time to time.


No, just check that the device is plugged in and operational in the desired program. The device will work automatically.


The functioning program is automatically stored and no need to reprogram. The time and day are lost after 30 minutes of auto back-up, and the minute that energy returns the time is considered 07:00am.  So if intermission of Power was bigger than 30 minutes, it is recommended to reprogram the time and day.


Yes, Plants divide in 3 basic groups: C2 are plants that grown in darker shaded environments in the bottom of the woods, under trees, and their light demands are minor.  C3 which is the average normal plants that need fair sunlight and C4 which in addition have a more efficient photosynthetic process that requires less water and need a lot of illumination. No plant what so ever cannot grow with no light at all. The WEKAH-SUN device gives service and solution to all 3 categories.


Yes. Direct light from above will create more straight and symmetric growing of the plant, without deviations to the sides. However it is recommended to change the angel of light occasionally to the sides of the plant to give it more volume and width growth.


The WEKH SUN ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING Device for plants enables plants to grow successfully, without decay or suffering from lack or sunlight. Therefore it is a Sun light substitute.  It does not substitute the need to irrigate, fertilize and other necessary agronomic normal practices needed by the plant, specially watering.


Fortunately we could read from the literature and also discover during our research and development process that plants don’t need full coverage. They can settle for some main parts illuminated, compensate and send the absorbed biomass to the rest of the plant’s parts. Likewise ,In nature, the lower leaves receive less light because they are covered by their younger and upper brothers.


Plants have an internal biological sensor mechanism called PHOTOPERIODISM, which monitors the length of the day and change of seasons, as indicator to the plant when to flower. With the WEKAH- SUN device we can imitate different day length, and create flowering induction to plants.


The efficient light spectrum for the plant is mainly in the Red and Blue wave length between 450-700 Nanometers (see diagram below). The light from normal house bulbs has smaller portions of this spectrum and rather larger portions from spectrums not efficient to the plants. Also the Light intensity is not strong enough and the intensity is diming in a geometrical column as you get farther from the bulb. So if you want the plant to feel some light you must lift the plant until it is annexed to the bulb. In normal conditions the plants cannot feel the light from the bulb because by the time it reaches them it’s intensity is too weak.


This is an energetic process where some of the light spectrum in the sun light is converted in the plant’s leaves to biomass by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere water(H2O) coming from the root and creating organic matter after liberating Oxygen to the atmosphere . Without the photosynthesis process no growth is possible in plants, and our atmosphere will remain saturated by Carbon Dioxide without possibility for Life existence. See Diagram below:

Our Vision

To bring  natural healthy vegetation to the   interiors of homes offices and institutions for a healthy environment ,fresh atmosphere organic indoor farming and a better ecology to reduce global warming hazard.

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