1. Indoor grown pot plants need certain amount of sun light in order to perform photosynthesis and grow normally. The minimal light stream intensity needed is 100-150 Micro-Einstein /m2, equivalent to the outside sun-light intensity in a very cloudy day.
  2. The plants can use only the light in the visible spectrum (PAR) in wave-length between 400-750 nanometer. The usual internal artificial light in homes is not effective to plants. So today the growing of plants in the interior is limited to balconies, near windows and external hanging containers.
  3. The existing solutions today are expensive and energy consuming in the form of sodium, and methyl aldehyde lamps, normally 200 watts or more, and creating unpleasant heat.
  4. Experiments conducted in Wekah Ltd. since 2001 show that plants can grow successfully, when given the right spectrum and intensity close to the plants canopy and focused on the plant itself. The first experiments were conducted with fluorescent bulbs 24 watts, 15 cm. from the canopy. New Led light technologies permit even lower consumption of energy, and working in the specific range of red and blue lights only.
  5. The project developed by Wekah Technologies  Ltd. is to design and develop an efficient lightening device with low energy consumption, to create a complete artificial sun substitute for single or a group of pot plants, adjustable and decorative, to permit professional plant growing inside the dark corners and spaces of homes. Easy to use and practical.
  6. Ecological improvement of the interior and co2 emissions reducing plant population in places not possible to grow in the past.
    Decorative solution and green gardens in the interior of house holds a, office and public area, and part of new green construction and architecture.
  7. Complete and intelligent home gardening techniques, that permit you to change completely the interior aspects of your home or office.