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    Since 1950, Wekah Ltd. Was a leader in planning and manufacturing of Electric products and accessories for Agriculture and the industrial and national security sectors, high pressure die cast, and plastic extrusion.
    In order to comply with most out strict market requirements, the production lines of Wekah Ltd. Have transformed and changed along the years. The company’s products have always been supervised and approved by the Israeli Standard Institute, and the laboratories of Ministry of Defense, securing maximum quality, reliability, duration, and prestige.
    Wekah technologies Ltd. has developed innovative technologies in the form of modular lighting system and device, that can imitate and replace the sun light and it’s advantages for plants. Supply the sufficient and correct light intensity and spectrum for growing of house plants, in the darker interiors buildings, apartments and offices, in an effective and cost efficient manner.
    The system is fabricated from a series of components, centralizing in a smart Artificial lighting device as Sunlight substitute for plants. This is a first of a kind solution for the massive and free growth and arrangement of house plants, in the interior with minimum energy consumption and cost. The system is intended for the general public, easy to operate, user friendly, without previous qualifications required. On the other hand can provide professional solution for the experienced House Plants Expert. Or hobby leisure time grower.

    The Problem: House plants need certain amount of effective sunlight to maintain the Photosynthesis process and keep growing. More ever, different plants need different “day-length” in order to receive flowering induction or other seasonal biological processes. Customary in doors lighting is not effective to the plant and lacks the intensity and the correct spectrum of light needed by the plant and which the sunlight provides. Therefore today the growth of house plants is limited to the proximity of large window or in balconies.

    The Solution: an innovative series of products that reduces the dependency of plants on sun light, and climate outside the walls of the interior. The specification of the product includes the lighting device, adjustable stand or hanger, and instruction manual. Included in the product is a user friendly, easy to operate controller-timer for the scheduling of the lighting cycle and duration, and a photoelectric sensor designed to sense the surroundings light intensity and stops it’s action whilst enough sun-light or other efficient light is available in the correct intensity and spectrum. Fast connection cable to the grid with transformer to 12VDC (completely safe and harmless), and a decorative and elegant design. All the above mentioned create a pleasant assembly experience, and pleasant and efficient use. The product is suitable to all kind of users without any experience or previous training in the domestic, office, architectural, and institutional sectors. It ensures a permanent growing healthy and fresh looking plant in any place of the interior, without the traditional disappointment of fast wilt and decay after a short period without the adequate sunlight. The programmable professional functions of the device controller, make it also an ideal device or the professional grower who requires complete Sun light Substitutes features like day length and seasoning and scheduling flowering cycles.

    Indoors Agriculture – perfect for growing vegetables in pots (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, etc.), medicinal plants, and spices amongst others anywhere in the interiors.


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    Ran Dvir the entrepreneur, with vast knowledge and  long experience in projects foundation, business-development administration and marketing development for leading companies in the market. .Agronomist.







    guyDvirGay Dvir, development manager, is Electronics and electricity expert that is dealing day by day In R&D of complex projects for the civilian and defense leading manufacturers.