Wekah Technologies Ltd.

Agriculture Projects Development


Farm Land Development From Scratch

Feasibility Studies and Action Plan

Our Vast experience and know how allows us to Short Cut and provide in the shortest time the most professional feasibility study and farming plan, most suitable for the conditions and success parameters, without waste of resources.


Regional and Rural Development

A dedicated consulting and planning service, for a whole region or county, in the aspects of agriculture and food production, as well as export crops and agro-industrial ventures. Taking into account all parameters for production development including logistics, population, traditions and socio economical factors. The perfect consulting service to local authorities or development organizations.

Upgrading & Diversification of existing operations

Evaluation and analysis of an existing farming project and it’s need, and delivering the adequate plan for improvements, expansion, or diversification to new agro-industry and crops for better economy.

Restoration of ventures that suffered set back or delayed deployment.


Water & Irrigation Schemes

Water is life, and in agriculture this is not just a saying but a must.

Wekah Technologies specializes in the design , installation, and operation of local or regional irrigation schemes and water treatment and distribution to multiple growers , including the latest remote control technologies and use of renewable Energy.  Delivering increased impact to any regional farming activity. The most advance technologies and equipment’s from Israel.


Turn Key Projects

In Case of the client desiring a Turn Key Project from A to Z, in addition to the design and consulting, we are in position to offer this service thru our multiple partners and subcontractors in the Agro-Industrial Sector.

Community Farming Development Projects

Wekah Technologies Ltd. specializes in mobilizing the rural communities to special action of shared farming with the small holders and cooperatives to create greater impact of mass farming and food security thru upgrading and supporting traditional house hold units into commercially profitable contract farmers. This unique venture requires unique expertise and logistics acquired during many years of such projects exercised successfully in Israel, Latin America, Africa and India with thousands of farmers.

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