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Founded in 1981 , and former industrial entity well rooted in the Israeli Agro-Sector, Wekah Technologies Ltd. is a leading consulting , innovation & technology transfer expert, and projects operator in the agriculture and rural sector.

Whether it is a small private farm or a large Agro-Industrial operation or a Mega National Scheme for rural development, we will secure the right design and methodology and deliver success. Working hand by hand with your people and team, at affordable price for sustainable and profitable venture

Our Vision

To deliver advanced technology and quality Tailor Made Agriculture Consultancy Services and Expertise, adapted and in harmony to local expertise, tradition and needs for optimum results with complete support and back-up.

Contribute to food production and improved nutrition, thru technology and innovation from Israel and broad world-wide farming and projects experience.

To increase satisfaction from farming and agriculture, and the profitability of its users.

In a world suffering from climate change and insecurity of the weather, enhance Climate Resilience Agriculture technology and practices.

Deliver successes and pride within the agriculture and farming community’s sector and contribute to the economy and ecology thru farming.

Share the knowledge of our highly skilled team of experts, with our clients and associates for mutual benefit and common goals. Deliver successful projects and client’s satisfaction.

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