The Weka-Tech Story

Since 1950, Wekah Ltd. Was a leader in planning and manufacturing of Electric products and accessories for Agriculture and the industrial and national security sectors, high pressure die cast, and plastic extrusion.

In order to comply with most out strict market requirements, the production lines of Wekah Ltd. Have transformed and changed along the years.

The company’s products have always been supervised and approved by the Israeli Standard Institute, and the laboratories of Ministry of Defense, securing maximum quality, reliability, duration, and prestige.

The team is composed from a heterogenic combination of Technology and Agronomy experts that develops the products and provide constant support to the clients and their growing success.

Our Vision

To bring  natural healthy vegetation to the   interiors of homes offices and institutions for a healthy environment ,fresh atmosphere organic indoor farming and a better ecology to reduce global warming hazard.

Ran Dvir

Ran Dvir the entrepreneur, with vast knowledge and long experience in projects foundation, business-development administration and marketing development for leading companies in the market. .Agronomist.

Gay Dvir

Gay Dvir, development manager, is Electronics and electricity expert that is dealing day by day In R&D of complex projects for the civilian and defense leading manufacturers.