The WekaH-Tech Story

Founded in 1981, Wekah Technologies Ltd, a Veteran Industrial Company in Metal works and plastics, has expanded its activity in 2001 to Agriculture and Water Projects Consultancy and execution, using the long wide experience of its staff and affiliates in projects executed all over the globe. In addition, in 2012 the production lines converted to the Cleantech Sector in the field of Indoors gardening, under the Green-Oxygen Brand.


1.Agriculture Division- Wekahtech:

-The Activity and Services of Wekah Technologies Agriculture Division ltd. are basically concentrated on Turn-key Projects, Farm Management, Rural Communities Development Projects involving Modern Farming, Marketing of Produce, and procurement of Inputs and systems. Special emphasis on water and irrigation.

– Under the vision of off, feeding a better world with prosperous farmers who can support their family with dignity and welfare, Wekah has developed the CCF – project, shared farming with the rural communities, (Community Commercial Farming) , which relies on a partnership with the small and medium farmers in order to cultivate and produce more yield and have higher Income in a sustainable way that benefits all parties involved.

– We believe that food security, increased production income and economy, will be done by empowerment of the farmers to produce in a profitable and sustainable way, with stable growth, rather than donation off free advice and inputs.

-Our Projects of Agrotechnology and Rural Development can be found in various location around the globe such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, East Africa, Angola, and India.

2. Cleantech Division: Green-Oxygen (Wekah-Sun series):

-In 2012 Wekah Technologies Ltd. Changes its industrial Line to a new and Innovative Cleantech Green Solutions under the Green-Oxygen Brand, and offers solutions in the indoors and urban gardening and energy saving sectors.

Our Unique combination of deep understanding of rural development needs, in Tropical and Subtropical conditions combining innovative technologies adapted to local conditions, creates successful productive and self-sustained projects with prosperous families and communities.

Our Vision

To bring  advance technology and quality inputs in the field of agriculture in benefit and in harmony to local expertise, tradition and needs for optimum results and complete support and backup to our representatives and partners contributing to prosperity rural developments and better economy.

With our industrial technology to natural healthy vegetation to the   interiors of homes offices and institutions for a healthy environment ,fresh atmosphere organic indoor farming and a better ecology to reduce global warming hazard.

Ran Dvir

Ran Dvir the entrepreneur, with vast knowledge and long experience in projects foundation, business-development administration and marketing development for leading companies in the market. .Agronomist.

Gay Dvir

Gay Dvir, development manager, is Electronics and electricity expert that is dealing day by day In R&D of complex projects for the civilian and defense leading manufacturers.