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    Our Advantages

    1.    Flexible location of any kind of plants or sizes, in any place of the interior.

    2.    Energy Saving (less than 15 Watt/Hr) no effect on consumer bill.

    3.    Decorative Design almost none visible in the Living Room, in contrast to the
    fixed heavy lighting devices used today.

    4.    Does not produce heat, no influence on room temperature and no danger to the plants.

    5.    Enables marketing of a complete system, the device including, pot, plant, media,
    which is an advantage to the End Distribution- Retail.

    6.    Professional and simple user’s manual which enables any person, house-wife,
    office clerk, without any agronomical background to succeed with the operation
    and growing of plants.   Allows Advance d management to the professional grower.

    7.    Complying with Standards Institutes of Israel -ISI approved, completely safe for
    human touch, working on 12 VDC current, no possible danger for electrification.

    8.    New Led lighting technology enables long Life 50,000 hours Life Span.

    9.    Smart Photoelectric Sensor, prevents working and saving energy when
    sufficient efficient light is available from window or else.

    10.    Complete back up and support system from the technical and agronomical
    experts of Wekah Technologies Ltd.